Animal's Name: Barrett
Gender: Male
Birthdate: 03/08/2019
Color: Brindle
Spayed/Neutered: Yes
Heartworm Tested: Yes
Vaccinations Current: Yes
Monthly Heartworm & Flea/Tick Treatment Current: Yes

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Barrett is an energetic, curious, 70-pound brindle boy who retired early (after five races, to be exact) and is enjoying his retirement! He is a striking brindle boy with a white blaze, chest, and socks. He also has a white tip on his tail, which curls into a corkscrew when it’s not busy wagging. He loves going on long walks and has excellent leash manners. He’s happy to check out the neighborhood rabbits, squirrels, and dogs, but doesn’t pull or lunge and doesn’t react to yappy dogs of any size.

Barrett sleeps through the night and is quiet in his crate except for a few minutes of crying when his foster parents leave the house. He’s very food-motivated, which has helped him learn some basic commands (Down, Stay, Come, Touch, etc.). He resource guards food and toys but is learning to “Leave It”, and run to you for a treat.

His curiosity can get him into mischief when food, toys, and toy-like objects are left within his range, so he’ll need to have his home environment managed and would be best with an experienced dog owner. Barrett is very affectionate and loves coming over for petting sessions, especially for scritches on that sweet spot on the back of his neck! He’s looking forward to getting to his forever home. Perhaps it will be yours!

Barrett is available to meet approved adopters.