Carly (Racing name CET Dr Carly)
Animal's Name: Carly
Gender: Female
Birthdate: 09/14/15
Color: Black
Spayed/Neutered: Yes
Heartworm Tested: Yes
Vaccinations Current: Yes
Monthly Heartworm & Flea/Tick Treatment Current: Yes
Cat Trainable: Maybe
Ms. Carly greets the day with energy, enthusiasm, and a curly tail that is ready to wag anytime you look at her. She is brand new to the retired life, so she is not quite ready to do boring things like walk is a straight line on leash. It is much, much better to zigzag, and sniff, and then stand perfectly still for an entire minute while studying these exciting creatures called squirrels.
In the house, she is learning the daily routines of walks, meals, and time in the crate. Carly seems to be very trainable, as she quite food motivated. She is already learning to lay “Down” in her crate before her food dish is served or the crate door is opened for a walk. She has met the two resident greyhounds and interacts with them with no problems. The resident cat has chosen not to reveal himself to her yet. Carly can hear him meowing upstairs, and can certainly smell him, but has not had any reaction to that.
We have not started training on going up and down stairs yet, as Carly is still healing from her spay surgery. Once she is cleared for that activity, we will start that training. All in all, Ms. Carly has made a fine start to being a retired racing greyhound
Carly is available for in-home meetings with approved adopters.
Carly (Racing name CET Dr Carly) Carly (Racing name CET Dr Carly)