Hook Up – Adoption Pending

Animal's Name: Hook Up
Gender: Male
Birthdate: 01/24/2019
Color: Red
Spayed/Neutered: Yes
Heartworm Tested: Yes
Vaccinations Current: Yes
Monthly Heartworm & Flea/Tick Treatment Current: Yes
Cat Trainable: No

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Want a greyhound?  We can Hook u Up…with Hook Up!  Hook Up (racing name WW Gotthehook Up) is a handsome youngster who just came into our foster program.  He is starting to learn the ropes of pet life and is settling nicely into foster care.  This sweet boy is very friendly to all people we meet, greeting with a nice wag of the tail.

We’re still working on leash manners since he pulls whenever something interesting catches his attention, like other dogs, squirrels, and the fox that occasionally visits our neighbor.  When he is not distracted by these other interesting things, he walks well on leash.

Hook Up has mastered the house stairs in one try…easy peasy!  However, we are still working on the ‘down’ command in his crate.  He is very food motivated so he should get the hang of it pretty quickly.  He enjoys snoozing in his crate and likes to keep an eye on you wherever you go.

He should do well with larger sized dogs and he gets along great with the resident greyhound.  No cats for this guy, though.

Oh, did I mention he is a kisser?  He will give you gentle licks on the face to let you know how much he appreciates everything you do for him.  Super sweet!

Hook Up is a very nice greyhound with lots of potential to make a great pet for someone.  Wanna be Hooked Up?

 He’ll be available for approved adopter visits starting 04/10/2021.