Jenson – Adopted

Animal's Name: Jenson
Gender: Male
Birthdate: 09/20/2016
Color: White and Brindle
Spayed/Neutered: Yes
Heartworm Tested: Yes
Vaccinations Current: Yes
Monthly Heartworm & Flea/Tick Treatment Current: Yes
Cat Trainable: Yes

Jenson (Walk on Water) wants to be everybody’s friend. He politely greets people as he walks down the street and he is very gentle on the leash. He is interested in wildlife and other dogs he sees, but doesn’t react or pull to get to them. He is ok for cats and small dogs.   He doesn’t react to street noises and confidently looks to see where the noise is coming from and then carries on with his walk.

His race name was Walk on Water, but Jenson does not like walking on anything that looks slippery so he will need a home with carpeting/floor mats/runners until he can overcome his fear of slipping. His foster tried to take him to Petsmart to learn about other spaces and socialize, but he wouldn’t walk further than the front door mat because of the slippery-looking flooring ahead, so that’s something to work on. He is okay with outdoor stairs – not tested on indoor stairs, but we don’t anticipate any difficulties as long as they are carpeted.

Jenson goes in the crate easily and has learned the “down” command before his meals. We are working on other commands outside of the crate too. He has just learned that he can lie down outside the crate, but will not take treats or food unless he is in the crate.

Jenson attracts attention whenever he is out walking because his markings are so strikingly beautiful and he prances like a pony. He likes to look out of windows and would probably love to have a yard to investigate and call his own. He is very quiet – no barking at all – very minimal whining which stops when he is ignored. He is the perfect, clean, quiet housemate and will be available for approved adopters on July 11, 2020.