Winning Entries – Name A Greyhound

2020 Greyhound Welfare

Thanks To YOU – Greyhound Welfare’s 5 Litter Mates Winning Name Entries!

We are over the moon with excitement about fostering five greyhound litter mates – affectionately referred to as the “Quints”.  The litter is registered with the National Greyhound Association (NGA).  And now Greyhound Welfare will submit the winning name entries to the NGA for consideration.  Each Quint must have 3 names submitted to the NGA.  The NGA will review the submissions and contact Greyhound Welfare with the final official name for each Quint.  When the official names are approved, Greyhound Welfare will post.

THE “QUINTS”  Winning Name Entries

Born 8/29/2018

GIRL #1 – 1) GW COCOA BUTTER (submitted Davis) 2) GW LUCY (submitted Hodgson) 3) GW UCANTHAS (submitted Wheeling Island Adoption Center)

GIRL #2 – 1) GW NOT A FERRARI (submitted Griffen) 2) GW PETIT FOUR (submitted Butts) 3) GW DOLPHIN (submitted B. Fitzgerald)


GIRL #3 – 1) GW ADM SHELBY (submitted Dell) 2) GW WILLOW (submitted Areimma) 3) GW VESPER (submitted Synder)


BOY #1 – 1) GW SCARY (submitted Kennedy) 2) GW Friar Paul (submitted Graper) 3) GW MagicZachy (submitted Kon)


BOY #2 – 1) GW Barrett Clan (submitted Graper) 2) GW ADM Olli (submitted Dell) 3) GW CoppertoneGuy (submitted Gruel)