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Tips for Keeping Your Greyhound Safe

Tips for Keeping Your Greyhound Safe

* Make sure your dog is wearing a collar that is properly fitted.

* ALWAYS have identification tags on your dog with your phone number. If you do not like the sound of tags, tape or rubber band them together or buy a tag-bag or silencer but ALWAYS keep them ON.

* Consider using a second collar for tags and other identification that will not be attached to the lead in case the first collar is slipped.

* Keep your dog on a leash at all times and always hold the leash around your wrist.

* Leash and secure your greyhound BEFORE opening the door. In addition, teach your hound to stay until he is given a command to head out the door.

* NEVER use a flexi lead. If you drop the handle and your dog takes off, he will be frightened by the plastic handle chasing behind. In addition, a greyhound can reach full speed in 3 strides… a much shorter distance than the length of a flexi-lead.

* NEVER let your greyhound run loose unless in a fully enclosed fenced area with at least a five foot high fence.

* If you are running your dog in a fenced in field, check the perimeter is secured and free of holes before taking your dog off leash.

* Check that all gates to your yard are closed PRIOR to letting your dog out.

* Consider having gates that can only be opened from the inside so that people/neighbors cannot simply enter. Also, consider pad-locking gates that can be opened from the outside.

* Place signs on your fence letting strangers know that you have dogs that may be in the yard.

* If you are traveling with your dog, consider temporary identification including where you are staying. “Vile” tags are great for this.

* Teach your hound to sit or stay whenever the doorbell rings or someone knocks. Consider a baby gate as an additional barrier if you are entertaining.

* Anticipate the season: Fireworks on the Fourth and thunderstorms can be terrifying to dogs.

* NEVER leave your dogs outside alone. Dogs can do some pretty amazing things if they become panicked including scaling a fence.

* Consider alternative means of identification such as micro chipping. This may not be effective in preventing a lost dog; however it may be useful as a means of identification if your dog is turned into a vet or animal control officer.

* More tips and tricks to follow on a monthly basis with the Lost Dog Team Tip of the Month - keep an eye on the Adopter Yahoo Group for these updates!

**Original document idea and tips credited to Tips have been modified and added to represent Greyhound Welfare.

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