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Brody's Story - First Year Home
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Brody's Story - First Year Home

One year ago (11/7/2015), my girlfriend Jess and I met Brody (fka Chasmos Sage) at his foster home and fell in love with the charming boy. We adopted him and brought him to his forever home that night and he quickly settled into retired life and our family. He easily learned to conquer stairs like a champ and was even comfortable roaching by his second night! Thank you again for foster him. We thought Greyhound Welfare would like a little update and recap of his first year with us.

Bringing Brody home in the fall was a joy. He loved the mild weather and exploring his new, northern surroundings.

Brody wasn't sure how he felt about Winter -- he loved the snow, but would go out of his way to avoid any icy patches on the sidewalk. They sure didn't have those down in Florida! On a few of our walks he even saw some nearby deer. As with other animals like dogs, squirrels, geese, and even foxes, Brody just looked on inquisitively and made no real attempt to give chase; though you can be sure I had that leash wound tightly around my hand!

Brody was so happy when springtime rolled around; it meant no more heavy coats and, more importantly, no more ice! A favorite pastime became kite-watching, though I suspect he was eyeing up the families doing the flying. He adores people and they seem to love him back; he's always being complimented on his personality and his good looks.

Springtime also brought other fun experiences and interactions for Brody. We don't have a fenced-in yard, but Brody was able to experience a measure of freedom in Jess's parents' big enclosed backyard. Brody gets along well with the two dogs that live there, though he was overjoyed when he was allowed to run around without them under his feet.

Brody and his sister, our cat Ashlynn, get along fantastically. Before we brought Brody into our home we were wary about them being near one another, even though we saw him interacting pleasantly with your cats. Our worries turned out to be unfounded.

In summer, Brody experienced his first beach trip. He clearly loved the breeze and fearlessly walked in the surf. We celebrated his fifth birthday while at the beach, and although he asked for surfing lessons, I'm not quite sure he's ready. Maybe for his sixth.

Brody is truly a joy. We can't imagine our lives without him. One thing is for sure, though; he is definitely our household's king of napping!

So thanks to his foster parents again, for taking good care of Brody before he entered our lives. I'm sure he was sad to leave the friends he made in his foster home, but he is doing excellently in his fur-ever home. Fostering is so important and we appreciate that you provided him with a safe space where he could transition to retirement. Good luck with future fosters!

Best Wishes,

Will, Jess, and Brody

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