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Mr. Pibb
Mr. Pibb who is now Reggie has become my best friend in Boston. I'm so thankful to have found him, and to be able to give him a happy home for the rest of his retired life. It's been so rewarding watching him transform from a shy, quiet dog to the social, playful guy that he is today. He just LOVES to play w/ his squeaky stuffies; throwing them into the air and then running over to wherever they land. He also enjoys our long walks along the Charles river where he can stare at all of the squirrels and geese along the way! He's become so loving and well-behaved that I couldn't have ever asked for a better companion. Thank you Greyhound Welfare for introducing me to Reggie!

~ Amy Sonricker
We had been thinking about a second dog for quite awhile, but Flo seemed so happy and well adjusted that we were worried about rocking the boat. We met Basel in December and loved him immediately. After Christmas, we decided to take the plunge, and are so glad that we did. He and Flo get along great, and he never fails to make us laugh. He has become a great running companion, even though he runs sideways! His smiley face, waggy tail, and goofy, friendly personality have been a blessing to us this past year!

~ Hilary Henry
Cash & Dylan
After researching breeds for almost 3 years, I finally decided that a greyhound would be the perfect match for my lifestyle. The first time my husband and I set eyes on Cash (then Cairo), we knew she was the one for us. She pranced right into our house and has owned it and our hearts ever since. She is the most gentle and affectionate dog I've ever met and extremely goofy too! It wasn't 6 months later that we adopted Dylan. The two of them complete our family and we can't imagine life without the "snuggies".

~ Megan Emhoff
India and Kashu
We adopted our first grey, India (Freetown), in July 2006. I wondered how a greyhound would do in a three-cat, two-teenage boy family, but it wasn't an issue at all. True to the saying, "greyhounds are like potato chips, you can't have just one," we decided to expand our family after about a year and a half. In December 2007, Kashu (Istanbul) joined us. Within days, it was like he was always a part of our family. We look forward to coming home every day to India and Kashu, who are so happy to see us. They bring so much joy to our lives. Thank you Greyhound Welfare!

~ Tina Carlsen
We adopted Sonny (fka Sunrise) in June 2006 and have loved every minute! He is a wonderful, easy-going companion who sleeps most of the day, but also has energy to play with us and race around the dog park. We don't have a yard yet, so we enjoy exploring our neighborhood and staying in shape on our walks with Sonny. Our family loves him (including our little nieces and nephews), too. Thank you, Greyhound Welfare, for matching us up so perfectly!

~ Kate and Luke Lindon
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