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Animal's Name: Ian - ADOPTED
Birthdate: 01/10/2013
Vet Care Summary
Color: White and Red Spayed/Neutered? Yes
Gender: Male Heartworm Tested? Yes
Cat Trainable: Yes Vaccination's current? Yes
Location: Greyhound Welfare Flea/Tick Treatment: Yes
Ians strengths lie not on the racetrack but more domestic affairs hes a champion cuddler, an adept couch warmer, a masterful perambulatory companion, a rollicking humorist when the mood strikes. Hes even demonstrated in the past, a deft streak of diplomacy when negotiating peace accords with those of the feline persuasion. All this skill wrapped up in such a good-looking package (his is truly a face that could launch a thousand ships!) seems downright unlikely, but here we are!

Interested in this Renaissance man? Apply today for the opportunity! You will indeed find yourself in the presence of GREYTNESS.
Ian - ADOPTED's Photo Gallery
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