Animal's Name: Wobbles
Gender: Male
Birthdate: 3 Nov 2018
Color: White with black and ticking
Spayed/Neutered: Yes
Heartworm Tested: Yes
Vaccinations Current: Yes
Monthly Heartworm & Flea/Tick Treatment Current: Yes

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Wobbles, racing name WW Weebee, is a 3-year-old boy who retired after 47 races. Wobbles has been selected to participate in The Greyhound Inmate Experience.  TGIE places retired racing greyhounds in the care and supervision of specially selected and trained inmates of a correctional institution.  The greyhounds and inmates engage in a 10-week training program.  The greyhounds transition from racer to pet.  The inmates experience unconditional love and learn to trust, be patient, and become compassionate.  A wonderful Win-Win adventure.

Wobbles is a friendly, playful, and happy dog! He loves squeaky toys and enjoys bringing as many as possible into his bed. If you try to “clean up” the toys, he will gingerly take them out of the toy basket one by one and return them to the bed. However, he has shown no resource guarding tendencies so far nor tried to shred any of the toys. The only thing he loves more than toys is mealtime. As soon as the bowls come out, he runs straight to his place and waits expectantly for his dinner.

On walks, Wobbles is semi-interested in sniffing but is really just happy to be with his people, wherever they want to take him. Wobbles sometimes forgets his “heel” training in new places, but otherwise, he walks very well on a leash. He is interested in watching other dogs but will keep on walking when urged. He’s met people and other dogs on walks and is a perfect gentleman. One special thing about Wobbles is that he seems to enjoy walking in the rain!

He gets along great with the resident greyhound and clearly loves having another dog around. He’s happiest when another person or dog is within his sight. Right now, he is working on getting comfortable with being alone. At first, he was vocal but he is learning to calm down with the help of background music, lick mats, and practice. His foster family is confident he will adjust fully in time.

As he settles in, he has started approaching his people for affection and is quick to lean his whole body weight against their legs for pets. He is gentle and will allow his foster parents to put eye drops in his eyes and takes pills with little fanfare.

Wobbles graduated on 08/04/2022 from The Greyhound Inmate Experience and will be available for approved adopter visits on 08/20. Please check back for updates as he settles into his foster home.