Animal's Name: Duke
Gender: Male
Birthdate: 27 May 2019
Color: Brindle
Spayed/Neutered: Yes
Heartworm Tested: Yes
Vaccinations Current: Yes
Monthly Heartworm & Flea/Tick Treatment Current: Yes

Duke, racing name AMF Holotashake, was selected to participate in The Greyhound Inmate ExperienceTGIE places retired racing greyhounds in the care and supervision of specially selected and trained inmates of a correctional institution.  The greyhounds and inmates engage in a 10-week training program.  The greyhounds transition from racer to pet.  The inmates experience unconditional love and learn to trust, be patient, and become compassionate.  A wonderful Win-Win adventure.

Duke is a handsome brindle boy with a cute splash of white at the end of his needle nose.  He is sweet, friendly, happy, playful, alert/curious, and a great kisser.  Duke’s favorite things are food and toys, in that order.  He LOVES his meals and is very food motivated.  He knows the obedience commands taught at TGIE but sometimes will only do them for a treat…..smart boy!  He loves playing with all of the dog toys, tossing and pouncing on them.  Duke’s play sessions are entertaining and long – he will go for 15 minutes giving equal time to each toy. He decided that the Swifter floor cleaner must be under his control and is a bit obsessed with it.  Mr. Swifter is now kept in a closet safe from The Duke.

Duke really enjoys his walks.  He is walked in a harness and patiently stands still to have his harness put on.  He has good leash manners when not distracted by people and dogs he sees.  He gets excited when spotting a dog or person and will sometimes pull on the leash to try to visit them.  This behavior has improved a lot as he continues to adapt to the new environment.  Duke is very alert on walks….ears in upright position, scanning the area for any activity. Not a confident dog, he is sometimes anxious around new sights and sounds.  Duke will do better in an environment that is quieter with less activity going on outside.  He likes to stay very close to his person on walks.

Duke gets along wonderfully with the resident greyhound. He has not seen much of the resident cat but his latest sighting of her did not seem to interest him all that much.  He has observed an opossum and squirrels on walks showing interest but not a lot of reactivity.

Duke is a pretty quiet guy.  He may occasionally do a soft whine when his person is out of sight.  He sleeps through the night with no issues, waking up around 8am.  He’s done wonderfully when left alone during the day with no vocalization.

We don’t know if Duke comes from royalty, but he enjoys being treated like a king.  As he deserves.  If you think Duke could rule as royalty in your family, make plans to meet his highness.

Duke graduated from The Greyhound Inmate Experience and is available for approved adopter visits.