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About Greyhounds

Greyhounds are very clean, intelligent and big couch potatoes sleeping approximately 18 hours a day. Click below to learn more about this ancient breed.

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Adoptable Greyhounds

All of our Adoptable Greyhounds are in foster homes where they are learning about retired life. Enjoy reading about our current adoptable greyhounds.

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Adoption Application

Our on-line Adoption Application is designed to better recommend suitable adoptable greyhounds to you. Apply today for a chance to adopt a greyhound.

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Want to meet some greyhounds? Greyhound foster dogs and ambassadogs would love to meet you! So come out and meet the dogs and their people!

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Lester is quite the charmer. Enthusiastic, energetic and inquisitive he is still very much learning about life beyond his former Greyhound buddies.  Click here for more information.


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GW will not hold open houses, special events, and similar activities where there is social contact. GW will continue to accept online applications.  GW is experiencing an unprecedented volume of adoption applications for retired racing greyhounds.  Adoption applicants may have up to a 6-8 week wait to adopt a GW foster dog.  GW is bringing retired racing greyhounds into the GW foster program on a routine basis….so there are retired racing greyhounds available for adoption.  For the final step in the application process, the home visit, GW will offer virtual visits.  Applicants who cannot accommodate a virtual home visit will be on hold until social contact is considered acceptable by Federal and State authorities.  Adoption of our foster dogs will be done under specific conditions designed to minimize social contact.  I appreciate everyone’s patience and support as we all travel through these uncharted waters.  Please remain safe and healthy.
Barbara Hansen
Greyhound Welfare Inc.

Greyhounds and Summer Heat

Summer is here and with it hot temperatures. To keep your greyhound safe and happy this summer, here are GUIDELINES when it comes to summer heat. Hot temperatures are a danger to your greyhound.

Critical Time for Alone Training
With most of us staying at home due to Covid-19, we are spending a lot of time with our dog(s).  Although comforting for both human and pet, spending too much time together is prime breeding ground for separation anxiety and associated behavioral problems.  Please practice daily alone training with your dog(s).  Details HERE

Check out all our beautiful greyhounds looking for fur-ever homes at Adoptable Dogs.

Curious about greyhounds but not sure you want to commit to full-time ownership?   Do you want to help a greyhound find his/her forever home?  Consider Fostering!  Greyhound Welfare has a well developed fostering program to guide our foster parents.  We provide the supplies and mentor…you provide the love. Please complete a volunteer application.  The retired greyhounds thank you.