Please note:
We do not adopt to households with children under the age of 12 years old.
We do not adopt to households with cats.

If you are not contacted within 24-hours after submitting your on-line adoption application, please email to inquire about your submission.  We want to ensure we have received your request to adopt.  Thank you.

Before you apply to adopt a retired racing greyhound please understand racing greyhounds do not need rescuing. When they retire, racing greyhounds are ready to be adopted and settle in to their forever homes. Please respect these highly trained athletes for their accomplishments and do not refer to a racing greyhound as being a rescue. 

Thank you for applying to adopt a retired racing greyhound. The purpose of the Adoption Application is to initially learn as much as possible about you and your lifestyle so we can determine if proceeding through our adoption process is appropriate. The more we lean about you the better we can recommend our foster greyhounds that would potentially be a good fit to your life style.  The adoption process typically takes 4 weeks and involves on-line submission of the adoption application, required readings, reference checks, veterinary reference check (if applicable), attending one of our Meet ‘n Greet events (if applicable), phone screen, and virtual home visit.

In addition to the information requested in our Adoption Application, Please read our basic eligibility requirements before you apply. 

Remember that we cannot hold dogs. Adoptions to approved applicants is first-come first-served based on when the approved applicant’s appointment is to meet the foster dog and not based on when the approved applicant calls to make the appointment.

Adoption Fee is: $500 per American Retired Racing Greyhound; $800 per Irish Retired Racing Greyhound.  The increase in price for the Irish greyhounds is due to increased transportation costs.

Once your Adoption Application is submitted, our Adoption Coordinator will contact you via email with additional information.

Fields marked with a red * are required.   However, the more information you can provide in all the fields the better as this will help us learn about you for potential adoption.  Please be as thorough as possible in your responses.