Success Stories


Chelsea (fka Aeros Pennyroyal, Rita, Zoe) arrived at our home as a foster. Within 1 month we knew this sweet, affectionate girly-girl was here to stay. Her loving personality helped fill the void of our first two greyhounds (Smokie & Tanner) both crossing Rainbow Bridge earlier in the year. Chelsea loves playing with her stuffies with reckless abandon. She does zoomies in the backyard daily and will actually play fetch with a tennis ball. At night she gets special cuddle time on the sofa with us. We are so happy she came to us. rick, barbara, and chelsea

~ Barbara H

On November 29, 2012, my dear elegant Argos came into my life! We just celebrated our sixth month adoption anniversary! While I am at work, Argos snuggles in his cozy crate. When I am home, until recently, he relaxed in his bed in the living room. Then, 2 weeks ago, he came into my bedroom and decided he would settle beside my bed. So I quickly purchased another snug bed for him, and this is now his favorite comfy spot! My photo shows Argos content in his soft traveling crate –while we visited my mom. Everyday, it is my mission to shower Argos with the same joy and love that he brings to me!

~ Christine Payack


Skipper(aka Madeira)

Skipper is doing so well! She has taken to her new home so well, it’s almost as if she has always been a house dog. She definitely knows a good thing when she sees one and I’d say she’s found the best one.
A few months before I adopted her, my dog of over 16 years (she was 21 at the time–yes, really 21!) died and I knew it was time for a new addition to the family. I researched a lot of breeds and thought I had settle on a tiny Italian Greyhound, until I happened to run into a lovely greyhound one day. Needless to say, I was hooked. A few months later, Skipper came into my life and I knew it was love.
Please consider letting one of these gentle giants into your life as well. She’s not the fluffiest dog out there (been there, done that–ugh, all that shedding!), but she definitely knows how to cuddle!

~ Brandy Judkins

My mixed breed dog was diagnosed with a malignant tumor in August of ’06, and he was euthanized in April of 2007, and I spent the most miserable few days of my life without him. I went to visit the dog known at the time as “Lime,” not really thinking I would adopt the first hound I looked at. When I walked into his foster home, and he came across the floor grinning at me, it was love at first sight.

George is 4.5 years old, and had a long racing career. He LOVES to sleep, eat, ride in the car and take walks. He learned “sit” and “down” in two days. I feel certain that he will continue to absorb things like a sponge, and before I know it he’ll be making his own meals while I’m at work!

George has joined “Greyhound Adventures” for a walk (he wanted to be first!) and has visited his Granny and PopPop on Nantucket. The ferry ride was loads of fun, but his favorite thing was going to town and looking in all the shop windows!

George greets me with grins, hugs, and a helicopter tail when I come home from work. It sure makes you feel special to get a reaction like that after less than a month!

Thank you Greyhound Welfare for filling the hole left in my life by the passing of Kramer!

~ Susan Scheide



We have absolutely fallen in love with Onyx (fka Raspberry). She is such a joy and it is so much fun watching her adapt each and every day. There is always something new. She never ceases to amaze us. She has brought so much joy to ours lives – we can’t imagine our lives without her. Thank you Greyhound Welfare.

~ Kim Morrow and Cindy Fox