Lost Dog Recovery Toolbox

Lost Dog Recovery Toolbox


__ cell phone or walkie-talkies fully charged

__ flyers (hand outs and pole)

__ emergency contact and search-specific volunteer phone list

__ map of the search area

__ staple gun with extra staples

__ packing tape in case the poles are not wood

__ extra leash and collar


__ highlighter for the map

__ binoculars (infrared for night time searches if you have them)

__ can of wet, smelly food or tuna and smelly treats & food bowls

__ water (for you and your pup)

__ pens & paper

__ change of socks & shoes

__ bug spray

__ small first aid kit

__ car charger or extra batteries for flashlight

__ car charger for cell phone

__ extra dog coat

__ blankets

__ orange vests for humans and greys for wooded searches during hunting season

__ laptop computer w/ wireless for checking message boards


__ large flashlight (preferably a rechargeable spotlight)

__ reflective wear for human and greyhounds. If you cannot locate reflectors or lights for collar, carry a glow stick.

__ extra flashlight and batteries

* Original document idea credited to www.greyhoundadventures.org. Items have been modified and added to better represent Greyhound Welfare, Inc.